There’s lots of resources on the internet to help you learn how to integrate systems using Talend Open Studio for Data Integration. Contact me here to let me know about new resources you have found useful.


Unfortunately, some errors have crept into the book. Please click here to find an up to date list of these.


Of course, Talend itself is a great resource for both new and experienced developers.

Studio Download

Talend Open Studio for Data Integration can be downloaded from: Talend also offers other tools for data quality, big data, business process management (BPM), Big Data, master data management (MDM) and enterprise service bus (ESB).


Talend has an active community and the official community site can be found at:

You’ll find a great forum here, covering all of Talend’s products. The data integration forum is the most active by far and is a great place to get questions and problems answered.

There’s a number of good introductory tutorials covering data integration, data quality, MDM and application integration. Click here to access the tutorials page.


Talend has lots of presentations and webinars that highlight specific use cases for the Talend suite of products, covering topics such as Big Data, social data analytics, integration to SAP, demytifying web services and lot more. The webinars can be accessed here (registration required).